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DANCING WITH SHADOWS - A Short Film Starring Barbara Bain, Carmen Argenziano, Nicholas Gonzalez and Kelsey Crane

Dancing with Shadows is a meditation on the effects of Alzheimer's on not only the sufferer, but on the closest loved one. Multi Emmy award-winner Barbara Bain stars as a woman caught in a confusion between a long ago love affair and her present reality with her devoted husband.



ENTWINED - A Short Film starring Michael Dorn and Suzanne Ford.

Entwined is the story of two people in their sixties, a black man and a white woman, who find themselves standing in front of the same painting at a gallery.  Almost fifty years ago, in high school, they loved each other.  Now they must deal with their troubled past and feelings that time may not have erased. It stars Michael Dorn ("Worf" of Star Trek TV series and films) and Suzanne Ford. 



DIRTY LITTLE SECRET - A Short Film starring Jane Hajduk and Daniel Hall

Dirty Little Secret is about the encounter between a court-appointed psychologist and a handsome, wealthy man convicted of domestic abuse, but insisting on his innocence. Starring Daniel Hall (The Young and the Restless) and Jane Hajduk, it is the recipient of an Award of Excellence from Best Shorts Competition.



THE DINNER GUEST - A Short Film starring Molly Leland, Julianna Robinson and Kenny Johnston  

A woman invites her husband's colleague to dinner.  But what appears to be a normal dinner party is anything but!  Starring Molly Leland, Julianna Robinson, & Kenny Johnston.  WINNER of a Jury Award from San Luis Obispo Film Festival and an Award of Excellence from Best Shorts Competition.

MATCH MADE - A Short Film Starring Barbara Bain and Robert Miano

What happens when a man walks into a matchmaking agency for people over 70 and declares that it is the matchmaker herself that he wants to date? And what if that man was someone she'd had a tryst with 50 years ago when engaged to another man? This is the story in the award-winning Match Made, a romantic look at loss, risk, and new beginnings, starring three-time Emmy winner Barbara Bain and film star Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco).



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